Discover The Step By Step Process to Implement Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Into Your Physical Therapy Practice 

...In order to increase patient outcomes and improve the financial stability of Your practice

From Theory to Action: Mastering RTM for Enhanced Care & Compliance" 

Learn everything from the basics of RTM to advanced strategies for documentation, compliance, and billing, ensuring your practice not only meets but exceeds modern healthcare standards.

Dr. Andrew Gorecki, DPT

Andrew Gorecki is a physical therapist, owner of a outpatient private practice in Northern Michigan called Superior Physical Therapy and the owner of MovementRx- Remote Therapeutic Monitoring where he helps 100's of clinics implement remote therapeutic monitoring.  

Helping People Implement RTM Successfully

The Best Strategies to Breakthrough Roadblocks in Your Path to Recovery from Back Pain

As a PT private practice owner, you’re faced with declining reimbursements, inflation, and diminishing physician referrals.
You’re working harder than ever and bringing in less. It’s unsustainable.
To overcome these challenges, you must adapt — Identify new ways to up-level your business model and secure your long-term success.
There is no better option right now than Remote Therapeutic Monitoring.
Read This FREE Physical Therapist’s Guide to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring to learn actionable strategies for boosting revenue per patient and enhancing profitability and at the same time increasing patient outcomes and quality of care.
By Reading this Guide You Will Discover:
• Understand What Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Is
• How to Add $333 in profit to each plan of care
• The Rules and Regulations of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
• Increase Your Patients Compliance to the Home Program and They Have Better Results and Experience While With You
• And so much more!

Learn How to Quickly and Easily Implement Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Into Your Practice:  

What You're Going To Learn By Enrolling in the Online Course:
  • Unlock the Benefits of Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM): Boost Patient Outcomes & Maximize Financial Rewards!
  • Supercharge Patient Success: Discover How RTM Elevates Health Outcomes!
  • Financial Win-Win: Unlock the Economic Advantages of RTM for Your Practice!
  • MIPS Mastery: Boost Your MIPS Scores with RTM Insights!
  • Rave Reviews: Hear Directly From Those Transformed by RTM!
  • RTM Decoded: What It Is & Why It Matters to Your Practice!
  • DIY vs. DFY RTM Solutions: Choosing the Right Path for Your Practice!
  • RTM Eligibility Uncovered: Who Stands to Benefit the Most?
  • RTM CPT Code Rules and Definitions
  • Maximizing Monitoring: The Optimal Duration for RTM Explained!
  • Choosing Your RTM Software Wisely: A Comprehensive Guide!
  • App or Browser-Based?: Making the Smart Choice for RTM!
  • Customized Healing: Library HEP vs. Tailor-Made Solutions!
  • Streamline Your Practice: Effortless Documentation & End-of-Month Billing Simplified!
  • Inside RTM: What Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Really Includes!
  • RTM Documentation Mastery: Essential Adjustments for Optimal Performance!
  • Plan of Care: Elevating Your RTM Strategy!
  • Daily Insights: Enhancing Patient Care with Effective Notes!
  • Conclusive Evidence: Crafting Impactful Discharge Summaries!
  • Supporting Success: Integrating Vital Documentation for Time & Call Logs!
  • Workflow Wizardry for CPT Code Submission: Your EMR's Role in RTM!
  • Designate & Dominate: The Power of Having an RTM Point Person in Your Team!
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensuring Staff Excellence in HEP Creation!
  • Activation Assurance: Keeping the RTM Engine Running!
  • Motivation Magic: How Incentivizing Staff Transforms RTM Engagement!
  • Setting the Bar: Establishing High-Performance Benchmarks for Your RTM Team!
  • RTM Communication Mastery: Bridging Gaps Between Remote Providers & Patients!
  • Effective Remote Coordination: Enhancing Provider-Therapist Connections for RTM!
  • Custom-Tailored HEP Creation: Crafting the Perfect Plan for Each Patient!
  • RTM Simplified: Making the Setup Phase a Breeze for Patients!
  • Build Your Dream Team: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Top Remote Providers!
  • Empower Your Remote Providers: A Blueprint for Comprehensive Training!
  • Leadership in RTM: Mastering the Art of Remote Provider Management!
  • Billing Brilliance for RTM: Navigating EMR Workflow & Ensuring Smooth Submissions!
  • Seamless Submissions: End-of-Month Billing Made Easy!
  • The Art of Accurate Coding: Mastering Date of Service & CQ Modifier for RTM!
  • Alarm & Authorization Strategies: Keeping Your Visit Counts on Track!
  • Financial Clarity: Separating RTM Codes in AR Reports for Better Insight!
  • Compliance Matters- Items to Consider
Implementing RTM is Easy, Once you Learn the Steps...
  • Implementing Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Is As simple as this 4-step process…
  • I outline exactly how to do this in the Course, but I’ll give you a 30,000 foot view here:
  • Step 1: Create Home Exercise Programs for Your Patients Using a digital HEP platform That You Give To Your Patients for Free
  • Step 2: MovementRx Remote Providers Monitor the compliance of your patients weekly and coach the patient to participate at the level you’ve prescribed
  • Step 3: MovementRx remote providers perform the required monthly 2-way audio communication check in and perform motivational interviewing strategies to encourage patients to participate
  • Step 4: The MovementRx Remote Providers Time is Monitored Automatically Without Added Documentation for Your Therapists
  • Step 5: At the end of every calendar month Remote Monitoring Billing Codes are Produced and provided to you to Submit to the Insurance Company
  • Step 6: MovementRx Invoices you after Monitoring Activity has occurred throughout the month and RTM codes have been populated and submitted for reimbursement. No upfront cost. No Expense to You. Invoice is based on a revenue share of what was produced. We pay you on average $160 per patient plan of care.
  • If you found this helpful, Here’s what to do next…
  • It’s all fighting declining reimbursement and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Is a Super Simple strategy to implement today.
  • If you found this post useful, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The following information addresses the most commonly asked questions.

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