Discover How You Can Increase Your Profit 43-139% Per Plan of Care AND Increase Outcomes by 25%
Using Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

We partner with you to launch and scale your remote patient monitoring program.

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Physical Therapists Guides To Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Simple 4 Step Process
We partner with you to seamlessly implement Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) into your practice. Our owners at MovementRX have implemented this same system in their own practice and it works!

A Case Study: 25% Increase in Patient Outcomes in 12 months
A Large National PT Group Was able to increase outcomes for function by 21% And Pain by 25% making the same home exercise program but adding in remote therapeutic monitoring

✔️Private Practice Owner Ben Fuson- Superior Physical Therapy

"Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Has added $333 per plan of care to my practice. That's a 146% increase since last year!" 

The Secret is Simple: Your Patients Need Accountability With Their Home Exercises
This System Does Just That


The final 2022 Medicare Fee Schedule created a new family of CPT® codes for remotely monitoring musculoskeletal patients.
For the first time, physicians and physical therapists can be reimbursed for remotely monitoring their musculoskeletal patients from home.

✔️Better Meet Patients at Home
Enhance patient care by supporting patients at home.

✔️No Upfront Cost
We make getting started with RTM simple, seamless and free of charge

✔️Track Outcomes
Collect patient reported outcome measures to monitor your patients’ success.

✔️Increase Communication
Stay better connected with your patients in-between visits

✔️Improve Patient Adherence
Improve patient adherence to at-home care plans with our state-of-the-art home-exercise programs.

✔️Improve Financial Performance
Create potential for improved financial performance for your practice.

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