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Discover The Step By Step Formula For Implementing Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Into Your Physical Therapy Practice 

...While Increasing Your Patient Outcomes by 25% and Profit Margins by 39-149%


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Hosted by Andrew Gorecki, DPT, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Expert

Andrew Gorecki, DPT

Andrew Gorecki is the owner of Superior Physical Therapy as well as the founder of MovementRx- A Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Solution for Physical Therapists.  

Helping Physical Therapists Improve Patient Outcomes and Financial Stability of Their Clinics

The Current Climate of Physical Therapy is Not Sustainable...

The physical therapy industry has faced several challenges in recent years. The decrease in reimbursements has significantly impacted profit margins, particularly for outpatient practices. This financial pressure has led many Physical Therapists to seek better-paying opportunities in home health and hospital settings. Additionally, the rise in inflation has necessitated wage increases across various sectors.

Amidst these challenges, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) emerges as a crucial tool for enhancing the financial health of your practice. This approach aligns well with the evolving healthcare landscape, particularly with the shift from a fee-for-service model to a fee-for-outcomes framework, as exemplified by the Medicare Incentive Program (MIPS). This shift underscores the importance of achieving positive patient outcomes in physical therapy.
However, a notable challenge remains: research indicates that less than 35% of patients adhere to their prescribed home exercise programs. This lack of adherence is a significant barrier to achieving the desired outcomes. Most physical therapists concur that increased patient compliance with prescribed exercises would lead to better results. In this context, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring offers a potential solution to improve patient outcomes and, consequently, the overall success of your practice.

Learn How to Quickly and Easily Add Remote Therapeutic Monitoring to Your Practice...
Even If You're Starved For TIME. 
What You're Going To Learn By Attending This Free Workshop:
  • The #1 Biggest Mistake Physical Therapists Make When Adding RTM to their practices
  • How to get staff to buy into this new program
  • Understanding of the new RTM CPT codes and the rules associated with them set by CMS
  • How Implementing RTM will increase your patients outcomes, improve their experience, and add more word of mouth referrals to your practice
  • How RTM will increase your revenue per patient and profit margin and by how much
  • What types of devices are required for RTM
  • A complete training system for your staff to implement RTM 
  • The Challenges of billing RTM and the top 3 Strategies to Address these issues
  • How to Increase your patients compliance with their home exercise program from 35% national average to over 50% in just one month
  • Learn how implementing RTM costs absolutely nothing, in fact we pay you $160 per patient 
Who Is This Free Workshop For?
  • You're frustrated with lack of patient compliance with their HEP
  • You want to have better patient outcomes in order to score higher on MIPS and receive the potential 9% increase in reimbursement
  • You're looking for an answer to declining reimbursements
  • You are interested in RTM but need to understand it better in order to make a decision
  • Increased wages due to inflation has really put a financial strain on your physical therapy practice
We have limited seating for this event.  We also give away to everyone who attends a free copy of the Complete Guide to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring 
“Adding RTM to our practice has increased our patients particpation at home tremendously.  I've heard from so many patients that they feel like they have their own custom program and they love it!" - Fyzical Franchise Owner
"Remote Therapeutic Monitoring has been a game changer for my practice. It has allowed me to increase the pay to my therapists during a time when reimbursement has made it difficult to do" - Ben Fuson, DPT, Co-Owner of Superior Physical Therapy
As attractive as this offer is, our marketing experts tell us that only about 5% of the people receiving it will respond. Although that’s okay with us from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally. You see, I know how much the people who come to this workshop benefit from it. I read their letters; I talk to them on the phone; I see them personally when they visit us; and hundreds each year tell me that “I wish I would have come to you sooner”. 

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting our help because of some error or omission in our explanation. That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people just to try and figure out why you might say “no” to our free workshop. After several hours, our group could only think of three possible reasons. Here they are:

They said: “I Don't have Time”
I'm sure you have heard the saying "Work on your business, not in it".  As a private practice owner myself I understand the time challenges that occur each and every day. I would recommend making room for the high leverage activities. Remote Therapeutic Monitoring is one of those high leverage activities. 

They said: “I’ve already tried Implementing RTM and I didn't get staff buy in”
Not all remote therapeutic monitoring services are the same. We are one of a few that provide a 100% done for you service. You should attend this workshop to learn more. 

They said: “We can’t afford it”
You can't afford not to do this. This program costs you nothing. In fact on average we pay practices $160 per patient to use this platform.  

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